Game of Thrones course to be offered at UVA this summer


Game-of-ThronesHie thee to the University of Virginia, if you’d like to take a “Game of Thrones” course (ENSP 3559) this summer. Professor Lisa Woolfork is offering “a close look at the work of fantasist George R. R. Martin, as represented by one of his novels and the HBO series based on his fiction”.  The class will read the books and watch the TV series “in comparison with each other as literary and visual representations.”  Discussion topics include “characterization, geography, racial and cultural allegory, resistant conclusion and promiscuous identification.”

Woolfork is teaching the books along with the HBO episodes and proving that the series doesn’t ruin the books; they rather enhance the reading experience. “It’s these layers, twists and turns that make the series useful for literary analysis, according to Woolfork, regardless of the medium through which the stories are told.”

This class sounds simply ah-mazing. Where can we register?