Jessica Alba almost had sex with a dolphin??!

Jessica Alba Dolphin

Jessica Alba DolphinWell, this is… interesting. According to Jessica Alba herself, she ran into some problems with amorous dolphins in the 90s, when she was a teenager filming “Flipper”. She said that the dolphins tend, er, to “get excited even when you’re a human being, and they have long, long…. I didn’t know this until I was poked by a few of them, which was very rude.”

Jessica requested to work with female dolphins for the remainder of the show’s filming.
Dolphin-human romance has gotten a lot of press lately. Last month, an animal researcher admitted publicly that she had engaged in daily “sex play” with an adolescent male dolphin (named Peter, natch) that she worked with during a NASA-funded study.  

Requests for interviews have not yet been acknowledged by the dolphins involved.